Commentaries on the Sacred Scriptures

In the Light of the Gospel

The pages of this short book contain 120 texts that seek to help and accompany the reader to meditate on the Gospel with a contemplative and listening attitude. As the author himself explains in the...

On the Third Day

Taking as his starting point the New Testament, the author meditates on the events in the life of Jesus, from his Resurrection, through the apparitions of Jesus to the apostles, his Ascension, up to the...

The Life of Moses

Summarizes the life of Moses as described in Exodus and Numbers, and then interprets Moses’ life allegorically, applying it to the soul’s journey towards God. Requires good theological formation.

Forty Gospel Homilies

40 homilies addressed to Christians in Rome. Starting from the the literal meaning of the sacred text, it draws out the spiritual meaning, with practical guidelines for Christian life.

On the Book of Job

A lengthy commentary on the book of Job. Provides an historical and allegorical exegesis, with an abundance of practical exhortations of an ascetical nature.

Homilies on the Gospel of St. John

More polemical than his homilies on St. Matthew’s Gospel, since it is written against the Arians, who were twisting texts from John’s Gospel to deny the consubstantiality of the Son with the Father. Offers...