About us

Delibris.org is an initiative supported by the Midwest Theological Forum (MTF) that springs from the experiences of people that share a passion for reading and are interested in the Catholic perspective on books that have caught their attention.

There are many websites that provide literary information. In this book club, our goal is to provide orientation on the content of books, divided broadly into works of "literature" and works of "thought". In this way, users can get an idea of these books, with the help of their own experience.

Delibris.org grows and improves through readers’ collaboration. You can submit ratings and reviews of books you have read. However, sending a proposal for a book rating does not imply that it will be published immediately. First it has to be compared with other sources, to ensure that the new assessment is consistent with others available on the page.

We hope to help you in choosing the right book to read. St. John Paul II, speaking about his reading habits, pointed out a difficulty caused by the shortage of time in today's society. “This has always been a dilemma for me: What am I to read? I have always tried to choose what was most essential. So much has been published and not everything is valuable and useful. It is important to know how to choose and to consult others about what is worth reading. (...) In my reading and in my studies I have always tried to achieve a harmony between faith, reason, and the heart. These are not separate areas, but are profoundly interconnected, each giving life to the other" (John Paul II, Rise, Let Us Be on Our Way, Warner Books, New York 2004).

Coordinators: G. Jiménez, J. M. Cerveró y F. Izquierdo.
Regular contributors: C. Agulló, G. Bersani, M. Cook, A. Fernández, D. Gallagher, A. García, R. Isla, F. Jadraque, F. Livi, D. Oakley, L. Ramoneda,
D. Saint-Maurice, J. Soria, J. Verdiá.