CHEVROT, Georges

On the Third Day

Taking as his starting point the New Testament, the author meditates on the events in the life of Jesus, from his Resurrection, through the apparitions of Jesus to the apostles, his Ascension, up to the...

The Well of Life

Commentary on our Lord’s encounter with the Samaritan woman (Jn 4:6-42), with practical applications for Christian living.

On the Third Day

Commentary on our Lord’s resurrection and ascension into heaven, with a brief explanation of the liturgy of the Easter season.

The Prodigal Son

Reflections on the parable of the Prodigal Son that help that help the reader to appreciate God’s mercy and to value contrition and the sacrament of Penance. Includes a short chapter on our Lady’s spiritual...

The Eight Beatitudes

Simple commentary on the Eight Beatitudes. The chapters on the paradox of happiness, the importance of humility, self-mastery, zeal for holiness, and being a person of integrity are especially good.