Bible Basics for Catholics: A New Picture of Salvation History

[Bible Basics for Catholics]
Ave Maria Press
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This original, attractive and instructive volume proposes, using a simple vocabulary within the reach of anyone, a journey through the Bible by means of the different alliances that God establishes with men, from Adam to Jesus Christ, passing through Noah, Abraham, Moses and David, and ending with the Apocalypse. In an overall vision, the author exposes the history of God's loving fatherly plan for each and every one of us, and draws some consequences for the Christian's life. With clear language and nice illustrations, the reader is offered very deep truths, invited to reflect on them and to realize that it is worthwhile to live accordingly.

The author of the book is a Catholic, a convert in 2011, married with eight children, and a professor of Theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville (Ohio, USA) since 2004 (his remarkable curriculum can be consulted at The reason for this publication - which is based on an introductory course, taught by the author, entitled Fundamentals of Bible Study - is explained in the introduction: "What I want to share with you in this book is the basic, general overview of the Bible that I wish I had had when I began to read it seriously some thirty years ago". Certainly, the book encourages one to go deeper into Scripture and helps one to read with more understanding and depth in the Bible, or as the author himself points out, to pay closer attention to the readings of the Holy Mass and to the personal reading of the Word of God.

The book is very interesting for religious education and for small Bible study groups. Likewise, taking into account that the volume, through the exposition of the contents of the covenants of God with men, highlights the presence of great fundamental themes in them, such as the divine filiation, it is of interest to all types of people, with more or less experience of the Christian life.

Author: Juan Ramón Areitio, Spain, 2021