Light of the World

[Licht der Welt]
Ignatius Press
San Francisco
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An interview by journalist Peter Seewald to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. In this long interview, the Pope talks about the issues of Man, the world, and the Church, also making known some personal facets; gives his personal opinion on the papacy, the present state of faith and the Church. The Pope's statements about condoms (which caused such noise at the time) are a minor part of this book, whose content is quite interesting. It is not always that a Pope reveals how he prays, what his favorite saints are and what he tells them when he is afflicted, how joyful he is in being a Christian, and at the same time feeling a beggar before God. He speaks of the difficulties and attacks on his pontificate, the shock he suffered from the presence of pedophilia in the Church, and the action of so many media who do not seek the truth but simply to attack and discredit the Church.

Benedict XVI denounces the current concept of tolerance as the enemy of true freedom; believes that the widespread ban on burka is unfair to women who really want to use it, says Muslims have the right to build mosques in the West, but hopes Christians can also celebrate Mass and have churches in Muslim countries. The Pope talks about the drug of the banalization of sexuality and AIDS (it is in this context that he refers to condoms) and restates the perspectives of Humanae Vitae as valid. And like John Paul II, Benedict says no to the female priesthood, because the Church cannot do what it wants, but obey Christ's command. This work results from a third Peter Seewald interview with Ratzinger. In the previous two - with great editorial success and titled The Salt of the Earth and God and the World - Ratzinger was still a cardinal.

Author: Jorge Gaspar, Portugal, 2019