Europe Today And Tomorrow

[Europa. I suoi fondamenti oggi e domani]
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In 2004, the number of states in the European Union increased and the debate on the European Constitution is coming to an end. Curiously, however, the fundamental questions seem to be off the table. Cardinal Ratzinger, who had already spoken on the subject in the past, addresses some key questions in this volume: how did Europe originate and what are its borders? Who has the right to call himself a European and to enter the new Europe? From these questions we can also understand the meaning of the insistence on the spiritual roots of Europe, on the moral foundation of the Union's policy, on the responsibility for peace in the Union itself and in the world. Otherwise, only economic reason prevails, an occasional domestic policy, a fluctuating foreign policy. The volume raises serious questions that are made even more urgent by the revival of terrorism. A collection of lectures and homilies on Europe, which possess the author's own clarity and depth.

Author: Jorge Gaspar, Portugal, 2021