Benedict XVI. Last Testament: In His Own Words

[Benedikt XVI. Letzte Gespräche mit Peter Seewald]
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Interview with Benedict XVI, that gathers conversations that took place before and after his resignation. Benedict XVI looks back and makesan overview of his life, papacy, renunciation, the Church, Europe, and the future. Like other interviews with Joseph Ratzinger, the book covers the entire life of the Pope. Here he also answers some more personal questions: the years of his youth, his family, some passages of his life that relate to his "profession" as a theologian, professor and writer; his interventions at Vatican II, his relations and debates with other theologians. It tells something about the period of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (it does not go into details, as there are two interview books on this period of his life). He also deals with some of the more recent and important themes of his pontificate, culminating in the decision to renounce, and the current vision of the Church, Europe, and the contemporary world. He always looks at history with a gaze of faith, seeing God behind everything.

Author: Jorge Gaspar, Portugal
Update on: Jan 2023