Give and take

[Give and take]
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The topic of the book is leadership, a Revolutionary Approach to Success. Until now, there have been three elements to success: hard work, talent and opportunity. Grant includes one more: generosity. It is about prioritizing the good of others, the common good, before one's own good. This attitude leads to a personal transformation that contributes to change the business world with specific actions. It promotes volunteerism.

He develops examples, anecdotes, situations and real stories that show his point. The strategies he proposes are suggestive. 

The author has a PhD in Psychology. The youngest and most highly valued professor at the Warton School, University of Pennsylvania. Consultant and speaker, considered one of the ten most influential management thinkers in the world. He has more than 3 million followers in social networks and this book has been classified by the New York Times as a bestseller. The style of the book is simple, informative, enjoyable, with a large number of bibliographical quotations. 

It has no anthropological basis. It uses some famous quotes to illustrate what it exposes. I recommend reading it.

Author: Marcela Navarro Hernández, Mexico
Update on: Mar 2023