Think Again

[Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know]
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The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know

The book suggests to reconsider one's opinions with intellectual humility, open-mindedness and flexibility. When a person recognizes that doesn't know, that's the opportunity to learn from others by listening, understanding other positions and asking the right questions. Only the arrogant person thinks he is always right. Knowing what we do not know is wisdom. An opinion is not the same as a value.

It is interesting what he explains about the ways of thinking and speaking: the way of the preacher, the way of the lawyer, the way of the politician and the way of the scientist. The last one is the one that seeks the truth. The author provides abundant real cases and studies to illustrate his claims. 

In the field of human action, which is free, there is room for different opinions; it is pluralism that enriches the life and work of all. When it comes to universal truths, which are very few, not everything is relative. Reality is one and truth is the adequacy of intelligence to it.

Author: Marcela Navarro Hernández, Mexico
Update on: Mar 2023