The Narrow Gate

Meditations for young people urging them to be coherent Christians and witnesses to their faith, going against the current. Many good suggestions for the apostolate.

The Sacrifice of the Altar

Explains the meaning and rites of the Holy Mass. Written after the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council, it comments in detail on Eucharistc Prayers I and IV, explains the sacrificial character...

Joseph of Nazareth

The author writes about St. Joseph with great affection, commenting on the Gospel scenes and closely following St. Josemaría’s teachings. Discusses sanctifying work, obedience, prudence, intimacy with our...

The Afterlife

Commentary on several Gospel parables (the wise and foolish virgins, those invited to a banquet, etc.) directed to university students. Useful for confronting common obstacles in Christian life.

Mary of Nazareth

Federico Suarez here explores the Annunciation, the Visitation, the Presentation in the Temple, Mary's hidden life, the wedding at Cana, and Mary's sorrows at the Cross. He does so to show that the Blessed...