God exists. I have met Him

[Dieu existe, je L'ai rencontré]
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In this short book, André Frossard tells how he was converted to Catholicism in a totally unexpected and free way. He tells in a long first part how he spent his childhood and youth, the family and socialist influences, his studies and his search of youth, etc. His main porpouse is to demonstrate that what happened to him has no human explanation, but that it is the action of God's grace in his life. He briefly describes his times after conversion, dedicating a few pages to it, when perhaps more was expected (he will talk more about this in another book: There is Another World). He tells something of how the family reacted, his apostolate as a neophyte, his change in life, his new perspectives on the world.

Author: Jorge Gaspar, Portugal
Update on: Feb 2023