Catechism of the Spiritual Life

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The aim of the book is to show a spiritual path for those who have decided to correspond to the love of God in Christ with a full and fruitful life. It is not a "catechism" in the usual sense of the term, but an itinerary of interior life that points to the sacraments as the main ways to enter into a profound conversion and that end in the resurrection. In our century, people expect from Christians a courageous, clear, persevering and firm witness to the faith. 

The work is composed of 9 chapters whose titles are in themselves eloquent. Entering Life through baptism. The interior Pentecost. The Eucharist and the liturgy. Following Jesus in the desert. A sacrament for conversion. To love each other like Christ and the Church. Sanctify them in truth. The mystery of the cross. The Church and the mission. 

Like all of Cardinal Sarah's works, this one overflows with faith, mercy, depth, clarity, courage and strength to move hearts through God's grace. I highly recommend reading it.

Author: Marcela Navarro Hernández, Mexico
Update on: Jan 2023