Why pray, how to pray

[Perché pregare, come pregare]
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Our prayer will always be a struggle to come to love more and to improve those who live next to us, day by day. For this reason, we should never tire of asking the Lord: 'Teach us to pray'. Prayer is our desire for love. At a time when there is a growing "thirst" for spirituality, both among believers and "perhaps even more so" among non-believers, the theme of prayer takes on a decisive importance. 

Enzo Bianchi offers us a precious text, profound and easy to read: to rediscover the originality and true nature of Christian prayer, placing it once again in the path of biblical revelation. The text also addresses the most common difficulties in prayer and offers answers and interpretations that are deep and rich in meaning, capable of satisfying the curiosity of those who seek.

"Listening to the Word of God contained in Scripture, a Word received, guarded and meditated on in the heart, reveals in us a Presence, the presence of the living God, more intimate to us than ourselves (cf. Augustine, Confessions 111,6,11). Prayer thus leads us to discover our deepest truth: God is present in us, not as the fruit of our search, not as the result of our desire because his presence precedes us, it is previous to our effort to pay attention to him, but as a gift of God himself through his Word".

Author: Vicente Huerta, Spain
Update on: Oct 2023