Who Believes Is Not Alone: My Life Beside Benedict XVI

[Nient’altro che la verità]
St. Augustine's Press
South Bend, Indiana, USA
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This work is the English translation of Archbishop George Ganswein's original work in Italian, memories of the many years he spent at the side of Pope Benedict XVI first, as one of the consultors in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, then as Benedict XVI's personal secretary when he was elected pope, all the way until his demise.

Archbishop Ganswein accurately presents and comments on Pope Benedict XVI's thought and he explains circumstances surrounding some of the more important events in the late pope's papacy. The work is a valuable reference for Pope Benedict XVI's magisterium and pastoral activity.

The media has made much ado about the supposed conflict between Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI. Archbishop Ganswein puts it in perspective in Chapter 8 of this work.

This book is highly recommended. One can see the friendship and loyalty behind the relationship of Archbishop George Ganswein and Pope Benedict XVI.

Author: Carlos Estrada, Philippines
Update on: Nov 2023