The Price to Pay: A Muslim Risks All to Follow Christ

[Le prix à payer]
Ignatius Press
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A young Muslim in Iraq in the 1990’s is horrified to be paired with a Christian roommate while on military service. Muhammad is intent on converting that soldier, but becomes the convert himself. This presents huge problems in an Islamic society where conversion means certain death and places the honour of Muhammad’s well-to-do Shiite family at stake. His ‘crime’ becomes known to his father and every effort is made by the family to persuade him to recant. Thus begins the most excruciating tale of torture, rejection, pursuit and close encounters with a violent death. Muhammad’s wife joins him in his new faith and they seek to escape a hostile Muslim world.

A wonderful read from cover to cover, written in the style of a thriller and gripping the reader from start to finish. It is full of amazing incidents, almost unbelievable escapades, near-death experiences and heroic endeavour in the most extreme of circumstances. This is the story of a family’s quest to achieve baptism and find acceptance as Christians, something that is forbidden in Muslim Iraq. The journey is often miraculous and always riveting. This book will open the eyes of those who are not awake to the religious persecution that exists in the 21st Century.

Author: Cliff Cobb, United Kingdom, 2022