The Last Mile

[The Last Mile]
Moral assessment: 
Type: Literature
Nothing inappropriate.
Some morally inappropriate content.
Contains significant sections contrary to faith or morals.
Contains some lurid passages, or presents a general ideological framework that could confuse those without much Christian formation.
Contains several lurid passages, or presents an ideological framework that is contrary or foreign to Christian values.
Explicitly contradicts Catholic faith or morals, or is directed against the Church and its institutions.

Police novel starring Amos Decker. A condemned to the death penalty is pardoned in the last moment and Decker, collaborator of the FBI, convinces him to investigate the case. The whole story is a very extensive and detailed description of a plot that is both complex and surprising, but nevertheless captures the interest of the reader. The research team is human and kind.

L.R. (Spain, 2017)