The Exchange: After The Firm

[The Exchange: After The Firm (The Firm Series Book 2)]
New York
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John Grisham continues the saga of Mitch and Abby McDeere, the main actors in Grisham's novel, "The Firm".

Mitch and Abby cannot seem to escape getting involved in touch-and-go adventures. This time it involves a kidnapped partner of the law firm where Mitch is partner. The novel is well-written. Fans of John Grisham will appreciate his newest work.

The violence is carried out by a terrorist group on some of its victims. The violent acts are mentioned but not described in detail.

Author: Carlos Estrada, Philippines
Update on: Nov 2023

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Set fifteen years after The Firm, the story revolves around Mitch McDeere and his life in Manhattan. Now a partner at the world's largest law firm, Scully and Pershing, Mitch faces a complicated legal challenge when his mentor, Luca Sandroni, asks him to take over a case involving the Libyan government. His daughter is kidnapped and a tremendous amount is raised for her release.

Author: C F, Australia, 2024