The Baltimore Boys

[Le livre des Baltimore]
MacLehose Press
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A young and famous writer tells the history of the family of his uncles, which took place in the United States from the 1980s to 2012. Several lines of interest are interwoven: the relationship with Alexandra; friendship with his cousins; his other relatives, grandparents and, in particular, uncle Saul. During adolescence he experiences strong bonds of fraternity with his cousin and his adopted brother. The three are inseparable and understand each other perfectly. They spend the weekends and holidays together, both during their years in the institute and in the university. Friendship, with its confidences, its loyalty... is one of the values of these early years. Then there comes into their lives a girl with whom all three of them fall in love.

The novel is well structured. It goes back and forth from the present moment to the past events with agility. There is a contrast of unity and disagreements between relatives in the different stages. The reader is surprised on several occasions by unexpected facts that bring new data to the family history. At the same time, it maintains some intrigue with the "drama" that occurred in the family at some point in time but which is not explicitly stated. The main figure in this family is uncle Saul, with whom the narrator maintains a special union. The book contains some references to several adulteries, and presents the fact that couples live together as if it were natural. Also, a page is dedicated to a description of an erotic scene.  

Author: Rafael Jiménez Asenjo, Spain
Update on: Mar 2019