Avanzar en Teología. Presupuestos y horizontes del trabajo teológico

Moral assessment: 
Type: Thought
Nothing inappropriate.
Requires prior general knowledge of the subject.
Readers with knowledgeable about the subject matter.
Contains doctrinal errors of some importance.
Whilst not being explicitly against the faith, the general approach or its main points are ambiguous or opposed to the Church’s teachings.
Incompatible with Catholic doctrine.

This book, subtitled “Assumptions and Perspectives in the Work of the Theologian” takes its title from the first of ten writings (reports, conferences, papers) which make up the book. This collection of essays aims to offer some reflections that may help “to form an idea of what it means to ‘do’ theology and to what point one can go forward in the immense sea of cultural and historical contexts, orientations and methods, overviews and topics, proliferation of books and authors…” that make up the field. Naturally, although the essays are revised and updated to flow as chapters, they are not all the same in value or worth (since they were originally written at different times). But over and above this, as usually happens with Professor J.L. Lorda’s writings, which are clearly written in a terse style, the selections are very evocative in what they say or insinuate, making the reader think. This occurs even when the reader may disagree with one or another of the opinions, which the author never tries to impose as dogma. S.L. (2007)