The Thrill of the Chaste: finding fulfilment while keeping your clothes on

Valoración moral: 
Género: Literatura
Sin inconvenientes.
Algunos inconvenientes morales.
Presenta pasajes de cierta entidad contrarios a la fe o la moral.
Presenta pasajes escabrosos o un fondo ideológico general que puede confundir a personas con una escasa formación cristiana.
Abundan los pasajes escabrosos o un fondo ideológico contrario o extraño a los valores cristianos.
Por sus contenidos explícitos, la obra contraría la fe o la moral de la Iglesia Católica o el cristianismo en general.

This book is written for a very specific readership: young women (not men) with lifestyles that are to some degree immoral, but who wish to marry. The author describes her own previous immoral life, analysing her motives for acting the way she did, and the reasons why her actions were bound to lead to failure and unhappiness. She writes about Christian, and specifically Catholic, teaching on marriage and the theology of the body (though she says very little about having children), and about her struggle for a chaste life after her conversion to Christianity. She gives plenty of good advice at the spiritual, moral and practical level for women in her situation. Because of the detailed incidents she describes from her previous immoral life, it would be very unsuitable for clean-living young people to read; because of the message of the book and the sound teaching it contains, it would be a book to recommend to the people with little or no doctrinal formation and plenty of bad experience.
H.S. (2009)