Ratzinger's Faith. The Theology of Pope Benedict XVI

Valoración moral: 
Género: Pensamiento
Sin inconvenientes.
Requiere conocimientos generales en la materia.
Lectores con formación específica en el tema.
Presenta errores doctrinales de cierta entidad.
El planteamiento general o sus tesis centrales son ambiguos o se oponen a las enseñanzas de la Iglesia.
La obra es incompatible con la doctrina católica.

The book is a clear and concise exposition of Ratzinger’s theology, and it is useful as a general overview of his thought. The author explains complex ideas in an accessible way. Her ‘in passing’ generalizations about the theological scene of the twentieth century and the preceding ones is perhaps more questionable. Like Fergus Kerr before her, she considers (takes it for granted?) that the fundamental reasons for the present doctrinal and practical crisis within the Church - and in the relations between the Church and the world - are to be found in the a-historical Neo-Scholasticism or Neo-Thomism theology predominant in the pre-Vatican church. A view which, while acknowledging the limitations of Neo-Thomism, is in need of much qualification.
J.P. (2009)