Living Machines: Bauhaus Architecture as Sexual Ideology

[Living Machines: Bauhaus Architecture as Sexual Ideology]
Valoración moral: 
Género: Pensamiento
Sin inconvenientes.
Requiere conocimientos generales en la materia.
Lectores con formación específica en el tema.
Presenta errores doctrinales de cierta entidad.
El planteamiento general o sus tesis centrales son ambiguos o se oponen a las enseñanzas de la Iglesia.
La obra es incompatible con la doctrina católica.

Jones shows how modern architecture arose out of a very specific philosophy. That is to say, that the leaders of architecture in the 20th Century thought that their architecture was an expression of their own moral philosophy. And they saw their version of moral philosophy as a rejection of the classical realism of Aristotle and Aquinas. They hoped that their architecture would help cultivate persons who lived disordered moral lives who had no real need for family, soil, roots or culture. This book explains their efforts and asks whether they will ultimately succeed, arguing that human nature is more powerful than the disorders they promote.

J.L. (2014)