El alcalde de Casterbridge

[The Mayor of Casterbridge]
Valoración moral: 
Género: Literatura
Sin inconvenientes.
Algunos inconvenientes morales.
Presenta pasajes de cierta entidad contrarios a la fe o la moral.
Presenta pasajes escabrosos o un fondo ideológico general que puede confundir a personas con una escasa formación cristiana.
Abundan los pasajes escabrosos o un fondo ideológico contrario o extraño a los valores cristianos.
Por sus contenidos explícitos, la obra contraría la fe o la moral de la Iglesia Católica o el cristianismo en general.

The Wessex tale of Henchard, the hay seller, who inadvertently sells his wife and child to a sailor at a fair while totally drunk. Once he sobers up and realises his folly, he vows to abstain from alcohol for twenty years and sees himself rise in popularity to become mayor. From this height, his life then spirals down and down to utter misery.
Thomas Hardy was born in 1840 and died in 1928. In his early twenties Hardy lost his faith in God and he has forever had to answer his critics about his pessimism. Indeed, in the end he just gave up writing. He had an unstable private life. Like many of his works, this one takes the hero through misfortune after misfortune to an absurd degree. There is plenty of humour and exquisite writing, but can one man bring such unrelenting misery upon himself?
C.C. (U.K., 2016)