Degenerate Moderns: Modernity as Rationalized Sexual Misbehavior

[Degenerate Moderns: Modernity as Rationalized Sexual Misbehavior]
Valoración moral: 
Género: Pensamiento
Sin inconvenientes.
Requiere conocimientos generales en la materia.
Lectores con formación específica en el tema.
Presenta errores doctrinales de cierta entidad.
El planteamiento general o sus tesis centrales son ambiguos o se oponen a las enseñanzas de la Iglesia.
La obra es incompatible con la doctrina católica.

In this ground breaking book, Jones shows how major determining leaders in modern thought and culture have rationalized their own immoral behavior and projected it onto a universal canvas. He makes a distinction between those who have faults, but still remain committed to the moral order and how it would be inappropriate to delve into their faults for the sake of causing scandal. However, the main thesis of this book is that, in the intellectual history of the 19th and 20th centuries, we can see that there are some very influential authors who have consciously turned their vices into a positive philosophy. And so, in these cases, it would be worth understanding what they have done.

J.L. (2014)