Covenant and Communion. The Biblical Theology of Pope Benedict XVI

[Covenant and Communion. The Biblical Theology of Pope Benedict XVI]
Valoración moral: 
Género: Pensamiento
Sin inconvenientes.
Requiere conocimientos generales en la materia.
Lectores con formación específica en el tema.
Presenta errores doctrinales de cierta entidad.
El planteamiento general o sus tesis centrales son ambiguos o se oponen a las enseñanzas de la Iglesia.
La obra es incompatible con la doctrina católica.

In this book Scott Hahn sets out to offer an appreciation of how and why Pope Benedict XVI engages in theology and biblical interpretation. He presents a sort of synthesis of his work, suggesting the main outlines of his biblical theology. His aim is to listen to Benedict, follow his patterns of thought and to carefully attend to his priorities and concerns. In the course of these pages Scott Hahn shows us Pope Benedict’s attitude to the historical- critical method, his emphasis on the need for the Scriptures to be read with the mind of the Church, the contribution of Fathers of the Church, the link between Scripture and Liturgy, the unity of the Bible and much else besides.
N.P.M. (2011)