Vivir como hijos de Dios. Estudios sobre el Beato Josemaría Escrivá

[Vivir como hijos de Dios. Estudios sobre el Beato Josemaría Escrivá]
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In the light of St. Josemaría Escrivá's spirituality, and therefore deeply Christocentric, they help us to contemplate with intellectual depth and at the same time in a practical way the Model of the Son of God made man. The message is clear and illuminating: if Christians strive to live as what they are, that is, as children of God, they will also come to know and love Jesus Christ more intensely and feel themselves more and more in him as children of the Father through the Holy Spirit. A precious work written by two specialists who combine their theological competence with a particular knowledge of the Founder of Opus Dei and his spirituality.