Think Better: Unlocking the Power of Reason

[Think Better: Unlocking the Power of Reason]
Baker Academic
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Lehner begins quoting Bruce Lee: “As you think, so shall you become,” and follows with a confirming phrase from Marcus Aurelius, that our life “is what our thoughts make it.” We need to find out what reasoning is, how it works, and in what situations we can use it. This will help us to begin the path of philosophy. In undergoing a medical exam, the author was diagnosed with ADHD. He wondered how he had been able to live a fruitful academic life with this shortcoming. He realized he had developed habits during the course of his education which gave him the discipline to come to understand even matters he found boring. He sees his life as proof that ordering one’s thoughts leads to happiness. It is important to learn to go deeply into matters, and at the same time to put them into perspective. We live in an age of experimental science, but the scientist also relies on presuppositions which are philosophical. All human beings question things, seeking for causes. Good reasoning can be a help for our country, stuck in a moment of polarization. The book is divided into short chapters to make it more accessible to students and others who are interested. 

It is an especially useful book for students, but also for anyone who would like an understandable introduction to philosophy. It keeps the reader’s attention and is informative. 

Introduction: Empowering Minds

  1. Knowledge is the Basis of Good Reasoning
  2. Have Realistic Goals and Humility
  3. The Power of Reason and Eternity
  4. Knowing Yourself is the Key to Logical Thinking
  5. Good Thinking is Always Focused
  6. Critical Thinking 
  7. Without Order There is No Good Reasoning 
  8. Ignorance is Not Bliss 
  9. Real Thinking Sets You Free
  10. Thinking Happens in a Soul, Not a Computer
  11. Majority Rules Don’t “Make” Truth
  12. Real Thinking Discovers Causes
  13. Thinking About Goods, Values, and Morality
  14. Thinking Saves Lives
  15. Empathy is Achieved by Hard Thinking
  16. Leadership, Values, and Your Thoughts
  17. Creative Thinking Is Not a Mystery 
  18. Reasoning Helps Us Find Unity in a Divided World

Autor: (Fr) Jim K, USA.