Prends soin de ton âme

[Prends soin de ton âme]
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The sacrament of penance is one the “masterpieces” of God’s wisdom, a God who always forgives. That’s how Jesus explained it with the parable of the prodigal son. Moreover, frequent confession allows Christians to make amazing progress, because it not only cures and regenerates the harm caused by sin, but it also gives a joy and peace that other means cannot give, and which fill the soul with vitality.

The author explains in this book in a simple way how and why one should go for confession, using his own experience as a penitent and confessor. It is not a systematic study of the sacrament of penance nor a scientific analysis, but a practical presentation of penance. It, therefore, its stress is on explaining and exhorting about it.

P.C. (Italy, 2016)