Outliers. The Story of Success

[Outliers. The Story of Success]
Moral assessment: 
Type: Thought
Nothing inappropriate.
Requires prior general knowledge of the subject.
Readers with knowledgeable about the subject matter.
Contains doctrinal errors of some importance.
Whilst not being explicitly against the faith, the general approach or its main points are ambiguous or opposed to the Church’s teachings.
Incompatible with Catholic doctrine.

This book was a best seller at the time in the USA. Its main thesis is that success does not depend only on our efforts, but also on the circumstances where we find ourselves. This somehow goes against “the American dream.” The book has many stories and anecdotes to prove this theory. However, the book lacks putting things in context such as showing that freedom certainly has an influence in our actions and that success should not necessarily be the final criterion for our actions.

D.S. (Holanda, 2016)