New features of Delibris

We want to inform you about the new features of Delibris. Among other things, we have changed the design of the main page a bit, developed an on-line interface to send the reviews, included more information about each one, sped up the search engine, and added new sections (lists of recommended books by subject or age, articles related to readings). We have also adjusted the system for giving moral assessments of books so that it is more intuitive and provide a more thorough evaluation. 

In this article we briefly explain how to use the new website. If you have any questions, comments or recommendations, you can always contact us via email or the contact form.


If you are looking for information about a book or you are looking for recommendations

Delibris offers information on a large number of fiction and non-fiction works. If you are looking for information about a specific author or work, enter the title of the book or author in the search engine on the home page. In order to broaden the criteria, you may find the "Advanced search" useful, in which you can filter according to genre, audience, evaluation, etc.

If you want recommendations on what to read, you have several options. In the recommended section you will find the latest titles added to the page which, according to our collaborators, are especially valuable, for their literary quality, ideas, and personal benefit to readers. Another option is to look at some of the literary selections that we offer in Delibris and that we put toghether with the help of our collaborators: each one of the selections contains recommended works according to a particular category(philosophy, classic literature, recent releases, etc.).

Do not hesitate to share your opinions with us, through the address, or through the contact section of the website.


If you would like to submit a review of a book

We welcome contributions from those who wants to send reviews of books or comments. To do so, you can register directly or contact us at

Kind regards,

The Delibris Team