A Murky Business

[Une ténébreuse affaire]
Penguin Classics
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Type: Literature
Nothing inappropriate.
Some morally inappropriate content.
Contains significant sections contrary to faith or morals.
Contains some lurid passages, or presents a general ideological framework that could confuse those without much Christian formation.
Contains several lurid passages, or presents an ideological framework that is contrary or foreign to Christian values.
Explicitly contradicts Catholic faith or morals, or is directed against the Church and its institutions.
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Transmits values: 
Sexual content: 
Violent content: 
Vulgar or obscene language: 
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The mysterious case of the kidnapping, during the First Empire, of a senator warned of the plot planned by Fouché against Napoleon Bonaparte. A book in which Balzac puts his novelistic talent at the service of a political and detective intrigue. Historical characters such as Michu, the faithful among the faithful, or the intrepid Laurence de Cinq-Cygne, in love in equal parts with her twin cousins.

Author: François Beauclair, France
Update on: Jul 2023