Lord of the World

[Lord of the World]
Christian Classics
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Explicitly contradicts Catholic faith or morals, or is directed against the Church and its institutions.
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Book of fiction, with eschatological character. The author imagines the world after a century, if the tendencies of the humanity of the moment in which Benson writes (beginning of the XX century) are maintained. In this world, the Church barely survives: men become uniform, all differences are abolished, and laws are established only to ensure convenience. Man declares himself God, and seeks to erase all reference to the transcendent or supernatural.

A wise politician is chosen to be king and lord of all nations, imposing the annihilation of believers and of the Church. After the destruction of Rome (the other beliefs had already disappeared) a last Pope leads the few believers to the last battle, in which the end of the world will come. In these pages the author wants to show how far the materialistic and atheistic mentality can lead. 


Author: Jorge Gaspar, Portugal
Update on: Nov 2018