The little chronicle of Magdalena Bach

[Die Kleine chronik der Ana Magdalena Bach ]
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It is a delightful book about Juan Sebastian Bach. It is a narrative with a strong romanticism. It could be included in the biographies or in the novelized stories, well documented. It is a book of deep love, memories and how he wrote his music. Bach's whole life was an endeavor to sing to God. The style is very pleasant, intimate, full of nostalgia. It highlights his greatness of character, his strength of will and the goodness of his heart. 

In 1925 the first edition appeared anonymously in German. It was a great success and the writer - Esther Meynell - decided to make herself known 9 years later. She wrote it as if the narrator were the musician's second wife.

The work is rich in sublime details of her adored husband, her family life, her way of composing..... has a powerful emotional charge. Ana Magdalena was a faithful wife and a fireproof lover. She writes with great enthusiasm of Juan Sebastian (1685-1750) and also his faults. She has a genuine veneration for him who was a good husband, a good father, a good teacher and deeply religious; she was also interested in his theological works. It reflects the enthusiasm and fervor that most of his students had for him. Recommended for all audiences, it will be especially enjoyed by music lovers.

Author: Marcela Navarro Hernández , Mexico
Update on: Jul 2024