How We Got Here: The 70’s, the Decade that Brought You Modern Life (for Better or for Worse)

[How We Got Here: The 70’s, the Decade that Brought You Modern Life (for Better or for Worse)]
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In How We Got Here, David Frum contends that it was the 70s, not the mythical 60s, that shaped American society into what it is now. At times a jeremiad, at times optimistic, at times provocative but always an enjoyable read, this book is a sweeping historical and sociological survey of the decade. Read in 2019 it may at first seem a bit dated but it contains useful insights.

In spite of its authoritative tone, because it covers so many topics, Frum’s analysis can be superficial at times and the reader will not necessarily agree with all his viewpoints and specific conclusions.

Author: Robert Montclus, United States, 2019