Going on Vocation: Texts for meditation about vocation

[Going on Vocation: Texts for meditation about vocation]
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Why am I here? What is the meaning of my life? What was I made for? We all feel we have been created to love God in a very unique and exclusive way. Vocation is not a recruitment; it is a gift, a plan for complete happiness offered to us by God. When we look at the lives of those memorable saints that shaped history we find a similar pattern. All of them discovered what God made them for; and they all found their happiness in saying 'Yes' to Him.This book offers you some thoughts on vocation, using Sacred Scripture as the backbone and seasoned with examples from the lives of the saints. These texts might stimulate your personal conversation with Our Lord, shed new lights to discover the purpose of your life and — through God's grace — it may dawn in your heart the courage you need to say 'Yes' to that full happiness your Father has in store for you.

Author: Redacción Delibris, Italy, 2020