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The main thesis of the book is that it is necessary to relativize the things that are not important, to make simple what is already complicated in order to have a happier life -especially at work. It invites us to avoid victimhood and useless efforts when we can. Not everything has to be so difficult. Offers practical strategies for creating habits and routines. The author, known for his book Essentialism, a best seller that has sold more than one million copies worldwide, applies the philosophy of that book to the workplace and personal sphere and suggests changing our mentality: prioritizing what is essential, eliminating what is superfluous, saying no to what does not bring us closer to our goals. When we are physically rested and emotionally stable, we can concentrate 100% on what is central.

If we focus our energies and manage our resources well, we can achieve good results with much less effort and make the most of our time. Life does not have to be as hard as we make it by not simplifying what seems difficult. You can also make your work more fun, or at least not so boring. He suggests changing negative thoughts, not complaining and getting into the habit of gratitude. The book will especially help people with scattered attention, who have a culture of doing everything and are often always tired.

Author: Marcela Navarro Hernández , Mexico
Update on: Apr 2024