Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

[Deep Work. Rules for focused sucess in a Distracted World]
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Interesting book on "Deep Work" and its benefits. The main thesis is that in the coming economy, those who are able to learn difficult things in a short time and perform their work very well, in terms of quality and speed, will be successful. The key is how to work with concentration, without distractions and in depth. The author gives philosophical, neurological, and psychological reasons of value and richness to defend deep work. However, at the same time he makes it clear that it is above all a habit that must be acquired. The book offers guidelines to achieve it.

Read conscientiously, it can serve to rethink one's own work or study and to prioritize some tasks that require greater concentration. For the same reason, deep work helps to have a higher quality of life. It is especially interesting for university students, and especially for those pursuing a master's or doctoral degree. However, the proposed habits are equally valuable for any medium-intellectual profession.

Author: Marcos Bamonte, Argentina, 2022