Daring Greatly

[Daring Greatly]
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The book is an invitation to know our most genuine side, to take off our masks, to build ties and a society that is more sincere and permeable to love and connection among human beings. For that it is necessary to overcome shame, fear and embrace our imperfection. Failure is not a weakness. Our greatest strength lies in vulnerability. It means being open to risk, uncertainty and emotional exposure. To show it is a sign of strength and courage, not weakness. It is being susceptible to being hurt by others. 

The author emphasizes the importance of stopping worrying about what others think, understanding our emotions and empathizing with other human beings. This is how trust is generated and true connection emerges. The style is simple, full of practical wisdom, with a sense of humor and many examples from everyday life. Brené Brown, in addition to writing this bestseller, has a TED talk on vulnerability with more than 25 million views. She is a social worker at the University of Houston and a recognized speaker in the United States.

Author: Marcela Navarro Hernández , Mexico
Update on: Sep 2023