Curing mad truths. Medieval wisdom for the modern age

[Curing mad truths. Medieval wisdom for the modern age]
University of Notre Dame Press
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This book gathers some unpublished works and lectures by the great medievalist and philosopher Rémi Brague (Paris, 1947). The author considers that the project of modernity has failed, as well as the atheism on which it is partly based. Evidently, it is not a question of returning to the Middle Ages, but of recovering ideas and proposals of the great thinkers, philosophers and theologians of that era and of their predecessors, both in Greco-Latin thought and in Judaism (the Bible). The book is very interesting, as the author invites us to return, with renewed tints, to concepts as important as those of creation, nature, virtue, freedom, civilization.... It is about establishing a dialogue with current thought, with its lights and shadows, to try to get out of the crisis. Brague's culture is overwhelming, although he never flaunts it. Moreover, he tries to express himself with precise language, but for a cultured public, with a humanistic background, or at least a university education, but not a specialist in the subject.

Author: Luis Ramoneda, Spain, 2021