Chiara Corbella Petrillo: A Witness to Joy

[Siamo nati e non moriremo mai più]
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Chiara is a young Italian woman who lives happily. Shortly after finishing college, she meets Enrico on a pilgrimage, and together they decide to start a family. Chiara was 24 years old when they got married. Soon after she gets pregnant with Maria Grazia Letizia - a source of great joy for them. Shortly after, they discover that Maria Grazia has a malformation which would prevent her from living outside her mother’s womb. Chiara and Enrico accompany their daughter during the pregnancy, and intensely live the 10 hours that she spent in this world: they were 10 very happy hours. Soon after, the story repeats itself: Chiara is expecting Davide, who has another problem, and lives for only a few hours after being born.

The third child is Francesco. Everything is fine, but Chiara is diagnosed with cancer when she is five months pregnant. Together with her husband they decide not to receive any treatment that could harm their son such that Chiara dies of cancer a few months after the baby is born. Her testimony of joy, of concern for others, of her intense piety and love for God have gone around the world, and her process of canonization began in 2018.

Shortly before she died, she wrote some words for her son: I am going to Heaven to take care of Maria and Davide, and you stay here with Dad. From there, I will pray for you. You are special and you have a great mission. The Lord has chosen you and I will show you the path to follow if you open your heart. Trust me, it is worthwhile. Mom.

Author: Felipe Izquierdo, Chile
Update on: Mar 2019