Back of Beyond

[Back of Beyond]
Allen & Unwin
Sydney Australia
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This is the story of an indomitable Australian woman who having come from a comfortable country background, married Rick and went with him to take up a large tract of land in the Gulf country of Queensland. It was raw country where her new home was a tin shed, her stove a 44-gallon drum, her bathroom a shower rose and a bucket. From this unpromising beginning the couple developed a hospitable, welcoming  home attracting  dozens of friends as well as strangers and a property of enviable value.

It is however more than the story of the success of  a simple pioneering enterprise but rather a tale of love, loss and the triumph of the human spirit over adversity and disappointment.  It tells of bush people, of interesting, generous characters, of appreciation of the simple but fulfilling lives around them, of a world that was big and beautiful, of the joy of life.

Author: Joan Gilmartin, Australia, 2020