On the Art of Reading

[Sobre el arte de leer]
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This is an interesting text, in which the author, who was born in Azagra (Navarra) in 1955, briefly exposes "10 theses on education and reading", the result of his pedagogical experience as a teacher, and is a graduate in Pedagogy and a doctor in Philosophy. This is the conference he gave on July 5, 2019 at the IV Edita Forum. It is a useful book for teachers, parents and educators.  With examples, quotes from other experts and his own reflections, Luri points out guidelines to encourage reading, a far from easy task, but indispensable for anyone, as the statistics are eloquent about the problems that the lack of ability to speak, understand and write correctly entail - three aspects of education that cannot be separated. For this reason, he insists that every teacher is a language teacher, whatever subject he teaches, and that he should be concerned with speaking well, as a first teaching measure. He also  encourages the reader not to be afraid to propose to students the reading of the great texts of universal culture because lowering the bar does not seem to be a suitable way to get them to read. It is clear that the influence of the family and the environment in which the student moves is decisive.

Author: Luis Ramoneda, Spain, 2020