30 Tips for a Happy Life

[30 consejos para una vida feliz]
Spring Publications
Hong Kong
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Dr. Fernando Sarráis is a well known psychiatrist. He has published several self-help books.

This short book is the English translation of one of the most recent ones written in Spanish. The book is an excellent and practical help to understand and develop one's character. Dr. Sarráis provides insightful tips full of wisdom and common sense in order to have a happy life: how to handle emotions, accept reality, cope with our own failures and the failures of the others without falling into despair, etc. His long experience as a psychiatrist is particularly helpful to understand many issues related with mental health and also to grasp the meaning of a "happy life". For the Ancient Greek eudaimonistic schools of Philosophy a happy life is another name for the ultimate goal, the goal of a life seen as a whole.

Dr. Sarráis' tips are also helpful to approach happiness in our daily life as a whole, putting together the pieces of our will, mind and affections; truly enjoying life in all its aspects (work, relationships, pleasures, responsibilities) to the full with realism, freedom and good sense of humor.

Author: Miguel Diez, Hong Kong S.A.R., China, 2021